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New Patients Kids Club

It's new, it's simple, and it's cool!

We are proud to introduce our KVO Kids Club. It's designed especially for our young patients who are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment.

So how does it work?

At KVO, we do everything possible to make your orthodontic experience exciting and fun! If you are not ready to begin orthodontic treatment, you will be invited to join our Kids Club. When you join our club, you will receive your very own Kids Club t-shirt.

Welcome to the Club!

We're happy you're our patient and we look forward to helping you create a healthy and beautiful smile. As a Kids Club member, you'll automatically be enrolled in our pre-treatment guidance program where you'll be seen every six to 12 months to monitor the growth and development of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Neal Klar, Dr. Marni Voorhees, and Dr. Patrick Holmes will make sure your baby teeth are coming out on time and the permanent teeth are able to grow into their proper position, minimizing extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.

“Smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better you feel!”

We are excited to welcome you to the KVO Kids Club!